Street Fighter x Tekken Update Videos Round Eight

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
The day has finally arrived for - the day when the Ver. 2013 patch has gone live! It's been a long time coming, and now we can finally show you the last set of character videos before you dive in.





Capcom also revealed that the patch includes some tweaks for the gem system. To help counter the overwhelming sensation that overcomes some gamers when trying to sort what to do with their gems, and to level the playing field in competitions, Capcom has included brand new presets based on the type of fighter you're looking to compete with. Just be forewarned that these presets do not include DLC gems and will only appear on a new save file (though everything except your colored costumes should come over to the new file).

Attack preset
Display ID: 1 - Immense Power - Land 5 normal attacks
Display ID: 19 - Immense Power - Land 1 launch attack
Display ID: 38 - Immense Power - Break 1 throw

Defense Preset
Display ID: 46 - Iron Wall - Block 5 times
Display ID: 50 - Iron Wall - Eat 2 special attacks
Display ID: 56 - Iron Wall - Perform a guard cancel

Meter Build Preset
Display ID: 207 - Onslaught - Land 3 special attacks
Display ID: 205 - Onslaught - Block 4 normal attacks
Display ID: 214 - Onslaught - Partner lands a launch attack

Pandora Preset
Display ID: 24 - Immense Power - Activate Pandora
Display ID: 245 - Proficiency - Activate Pandora
Display ID: 139 - Divine Speed - Activate Pandora

Balance Preset
Display ID: 1 - Immense Power - Land 5 normal attacks
Display ID: 48 - Iron Wall - Block 10 times
Display ID: 205 - Onslaught - Block 4 normal attacks
For further details on the patch, head here.

The long awaited Ver. 2013 patch for Street Fighter x Tekken is available now, and you'll be prompted to download it the next time you start up the game. Head here to check out all the other trailers detailing the changes that are part of this patch.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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