My Horse & Me 3 Announced

By zigs00,
Gamerscore whore favourite My Horse and Me 2 is to be given a new sequel, as announced today by the game's publisher Atari and Polish developer Tate Interactive.

Surprisingly, despite being a very low budget title, the game managed to sell just over one million copies across all platforms, with 925,000 of that solely the Xbox 360 version - due in no small part to it's easy achievements I'm sure. In the press release announcing the game, Tate Interactive's Community Manager Michal Mazur explained how the game was their most successful to date, and what will be improved in the sequel:

We at Tate Interactive have all been really overwhelmed and grateful for the success that our first Xbox 360 had! We were expecting someone in the region of 75,000 sales worldwide with our target audience being young girls with a passion for horses. We did not really understand what achievements or gamerscore were und just followed Microsoft's guidelines in making a simple list for the kids to enjoy.

What we had not anticipated when making MH&M2 was that it would be embraced by those outside our target audience, and how important gamerscore is for so many gamers out there. According to our sales figures, the game sold nearly 925k on the Xbox 360 alone, with no doubt so many more gamers buying it pre-owned or renting it. Because of the success of the second game, Atari have given us a multi-million dollar budget for our sequel, which we are very excited about.

The biggest addition we'll be bringing to My Horse & Me 3 is the online multiplayer, which will be seperated into three distinct modes: "Extreme Racing", "Trick Jumping" and "Decoupage." In "Extreme Racing," up to eight players can take each other on in a race around various dangerous tracks set in avalanche-prone snow-peaked mountains, active bomb sites, barbed wire factories and medical-waste landfills, using the perilous environment against their opponents to try and annihilate one another's horses. "Trick Jumping" is an advanced version of the old basketball classic H-O-R-S-E where competitors will challenge each other to repeat and one-up each others tricks in our show jumping course, with an enhanced thumbstick-based control scheme. "Decoupage" expands on MH&M2's grooming and cleaning minigames with players having to "pimp" their horses out against their rivals to determined whose horse is the most attractive, with huge degrees of customisation available so that no two horses will ever be identical.

The game will also feature beautifully rendered cutscenes (running at 1080p, and in optional 3D on our impressive new Neigh v2 engine), telling the heart-wrenching story of love and devotion between the protagonist and her horse as they grow up together and stand by each other's side through all their ups and downs, with a surprising twist ending sure to make every player cry and weep like no other game has ever achieved in the past.
Tate Interactive also announced that us gamerscore fans won't be disappointed with the game, pledging that the game's ten achievements will all be obtainable in under two hours, with one achievement worth 650G unlocked simply by high-fiving your horse at the start of the game.

Including in the press release was the first screenshot from the game, showing off the game's vividly realistic graphics. Click the external link below to see the image for yourself.

My Horse & Me 3 is currently scheduled for release on June 15th in North America and on June 18th throughout Europe.

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