Serious Sam Double D XXL Gun Diary & Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Mommy's Best Games certainly want to be the best when it comes to over-the-top, 2D side-scrolling, run-&-gun action as seen in Serious Sam: Double D XXL. As we saw in the most recent set of screenshots, there's a whole ton of flesh-ripping, life-ending ammo to unload on the enemies of Serious Sam. Charging through the levels with or without a co-op buddy may become just that little bit easier with this newly released Dev Gun Diary.

In the new video, Nathan Fouts gives us a breakdown on how best to use the gun-stacking system and how to put a masterpiece together with the use of various weapons and upgrades. Check out the video as Nathan makes quick work of enemies thanks to the six guns he's packing at the same time!

Just to make sure players know exactly what they're letting themselves in for should you decide to pick up the title, the key features have also been detailed alongside the video's release.

Two-Player Local Cooperative Play - Serious Sam can pair up with his new buddy Huff to slaughter Mental’s horde together in an orgy of violence and destruction!
Gunstacker Upgrades – Over 30 new guns to mix and match in towering stacks of awesome! Shotguns that fire a horde of bees, prism lasers, the return of Serious Sam’s trademark cannon and more! Exclamation point!
New Campaign and Challenge Missions – Tackle new missions and take to the air in your very own missile-loaded Pterosaur or roll through your foes on a dynamite-powered unicycle!
New and Upgraded Enemy Classes - The new Torcher Kitty, Explosion Eater and the Armored Gnaar are all stepping into the arena to wreak havoc the heroic Serious Sam!
Xbox LIVE Arcade Leaderboards - Post your best scores and times to impress friends, family and enemies and prove to that jerk Dan that he doesn’t know crap about video games!
Serious Sam Double D XXL remains set for release on February 20th, and now comes with a confirmed price tag of 800 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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