BF3's End Game DLC Adds Another New Game Mode

By Mark Delaney, 4 years ago
We've covered previously everything DICE has shared so far on Battlefield 3's final Premium DLC content. Like past DLC, new vehicles will be included for traversing the four new maps. Also exciting for fans is the return of the Capture the Flag game mode which hasn't been in the series for many years.

Revealed quietly on the game's Premium calendar is the news that the DLC will also add Air Superiority as a game mode. Much like "Armored Kill" added Tank Superiority, wherein two opposing sides battle for land in the massive killing machines, soon you'll be able to take to the skies for a similar conflict.

End Game

The new mode fits the theme of the add-on well. With dirt bikes, Capture the Flag, and now Air Superiority, DICE is emphasizing rapidly-paced warfare. The DLC still doesn't have a more precise release date than March of this year, but when you are ultimately resupplied, you can expect the new game mode among all the rest that comes with "End Game".
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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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