Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
The humans seemed to be dealing with the enemies of the upcoming first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines, quite well in the recent kick ass trailer. We all know, though, that when the game is released and players take to the aliens' team in the multiplayer, the Marines will be torn apart limb from limb as easy as tearing a wet piece of paper apart with scissors... or will they? In this newly released multiplayer trailer, both sides of the battle are showcased as the humans try their best to make sure that they don't become helpless victims to a swarm of various aliens that players will be able to use in the upcoming multiplayer matches.


The aliens come with many different ways to slaughter humans. Starting with the element of surprise, the Xeno Ability allows aliens to become camouflaged against walls and ceilings. Not one for the sneaky approach? The 'Boiler' is a special Xeno class that serves as the kamikaze style alien. Run into a group of marines and BOOM... acid and alien chunks will be spread and showered all over the marines, causing them a whole lot of pain and, in some situations, a long, painful death! The aliens will even be able to handle themselves at a distance too thanks to the Xeno Spitters who can fire streams of acid at the Marines.


Despite being soft, squishy and very easy for alien tentacles to penetrate through, the Marines won't be going down without a fight as these guys pack plenty of firepower. Aiming more towards a defensive style of play, smoke screens will allow players cover their position, cause close combat chaos or maybe even use a smoke grenade to throw a pursuing alien off your path. The aliens are pretty agile and quick, so running away may not even be a choice in some situations; turn around and slow these aliens down with the almighty M240 Incinerator Unit, scorching the aliens with lethal streams of fire!

The aliens will be coming at you and your squad from all angles, so as you'd expect, the shotgun is going to become your best friend more often than not for some of the tight corridors and horrifiying corners of the game. The M56 Smart Gun, a heavy weapon for the Marines, looks to be brutally efficient against the aliens. Capable of hitting long-range targets, the M56 comes with Infrared Target-Tracking System and Electric Pulse Action too. Marines will also be able to revive downed team mates, so long as they are still in one piece that is.

With a decent amount of variety between both factions for the multiplayer of Aliens: Colonial Marines the Xeno has just one more huge surprise instore at the end of the trailer. Check it out and enjoy:

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for release on February 12th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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