Radagast Joins Guardians of Middle-Earth

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
A little while has passed since additional characters emerged for Guardians of Middle-earth. Owners of the Season Pass will know that eight additional Guardians would arrive and so far we have seen the arrival of Bilbo Baggins, Bert, Great Goblin and Thorin Oakenshield. This left the impending arrival of Barrow-wight Lord, Snaga and two more "mystery Guardians". One of the mystery Guardians was released yesterday; let's meet Radagast.

Radagast’s Bio:
Radagast, one of the Maiar, is also known as the Brown Wizard and has an exceptional knowledge of the fauna and birds of Middle-earth. Hailing from Valinor in the Third Age, his original name was Aiwendil, meaning “bird-friend” in Elvish. He would go on to advise Gandalf the Grey before being unwittingly used by Saruman to lure Gandalf to Orthanc, ultimately leading to his capture during the War of the Ring. His fate after the War of the Ring remains unknown.

Radagast’s Gameplay Abilities:
Vibrant Glade: +Attack Speed, Reduced Controlling Effects
Blackbird Song: Deals True Damage and Blinds Enemy Guardians and Creatures
Whispering Leaves: Deals Ability Damage, briefly Silences
Roots of Greenwood: Roots Enemies, slows and deals Ability Damage

Radagast’s Class:
31/1/13 Radagast

Before deciding on a purchase, you may want to see the character in action. Take a look at his trailer:

As usual, the new character does not add any achievements. "Radagast - Playable Guardian" costs 160 MSP and can be downloaded from here. Players who own the Season pass can download the character in-game for no extra cost and may also want to consider downloading the free "Compatibility Pack - Survival" from here.

This weekend also provides an event where players can gain XP, gold and items. Running from February 1st until February 3rd, The One Road challenge sees gamers compete for the "Most Wins on a One-Lane Map". The winner will win 500 XP, 20,000 Gold and three Mithril level items.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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