Scott Pilgrim DLC Trailer Featuring Wallace Wells

By litepink,
Update: Sorry guys, we have some not-so-great news. Major Nelson stealthily updated his blog to reflect that this DLC, will, in fact, cost the originally revealed 400 MSP. Please don't shoot the messenger.

Original Story
Next week Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will finally see the release of its online multiplayer. Not only will you be able to play online but you’ll also have the option to bring a new character along for the ride. Wallace Wells brings with him a new and unique moveset that can be seen in the following trailer.

“Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack” in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game arrives February 6th for just 160 MSP Edit: 400 MSP (the flashing date at the end of the trailer refers to the Playstation Network release date). Besides the much anticipated new game mode and a new character, the DLC also contains some new achievements to earn as well. Sounds like three spectacular reasons to fire this game up once again.

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