Mirror's Edge (WP) No Longer Nokia Exclusive

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Over recent months, many Windows Phone owners have become disheartened by the fact that many new games that have been released for the platform have been exclusive to Nokia devices. It has also been hoped that these exclusives would eventually make their way over to other Window Phone devices after some time, but until now this has been purely speculative.

Six months after its original release, Mirror's Edge (WP) is now available to all Windows Phone 7 and 8 users. You can check out its Marketplace listing here.

There are still ten Nokia exclusive games on the Marketplace, but if Mirror’s Edge (WP)’s move from exclusivity is anything to go by there is certainly a chance that many of these titles will become available to all Windows Phone users in the near future.

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Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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