Magrunner: Dark Pulse Screens Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Thriving off of the use of magnetism and physics, Magrunner: Dark Pulse, is a new mind-bending title to hit the XBLA marketplace soon.

The new screens released for Magrunner may set off thoughts of the Portal series. Thankfully, for those unfamiliar with Portal or just plain confused by what exactly is going on in the screens, 3 AM have give us plenty of details as to what is to come with the story of Magrunner.

Based in the year 2048, a huge sports competition is broadcast to the entire world as eight competitors square off against each other through various challenge rooms. The masterminds behind the competition aim to promote the new technology that will be showcased throughout the contest known as magnetism. The competitors themselves need their own master-minds and their trusty "special glove" in order to succeed and conquer the puzzles that each unique room will have to offer. As you can imagine, using magnetism will require objects to be moved through attracting and repelling, and certain objects will also be able to be charged too.

All of this sounds like a ton of intense, head-banging fun, but this competition comes with a little twist:

The competition soon turns into a real nightmare. A power outage and what feels like an earthquake isolates the competitors from the rest of the world. Their only hope is to finish the course and attempt to contact the exterior world. But the challenge rooms that separate them from the finish grow more and more menacing and a long descent into hell awaits them. At the end of the tunnel lies a frightening secret that could threaten all of humanity.
Taking a look at the new screens, you'll be able to see how the challenge rooms go from slick, shiny, sleek, and gloriously professional rooms to the more dark, gloomy, severely punishing rooms once the competitors become cut off from the rest of the world:

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 01

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 2

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 3

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 4

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 5

3/2/13- Magrunner Screens - 6

A release date and price is still yet to be confirmed for the upcoming XBLA title. As per usual, keep it locked onto TA for more and upcoming news on Magrunner: Dark Pulse.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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