Indie Games Spotlight for February 3rd, 2013

By mancide, 5 years ago
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Ricochet is a challenging physics based puzzle game where you place planks in order to navigate a ball around obstacles in a level, collecting targets as you go. Each level provides a unique challenge with the use of different obstacle types that change the game play. There are also collectable targets in each level that boost your score, if you can collect them all! Are you up to the challenge?

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2013
DEVELOPER: MatthewHall3d
GENRE: Puzzle & Trivia

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Dolby Digital
Ricochet brings a new and different twist to the puzzle game genre. A physics based puzzler, Ricochet tests your skills in solving puzzles with angles and bank shots.

The difficulty is changed by limiting the number of planks you can use to change the angle of your shot around the level. You also are penalized for each attempt you take on each stage, so those high-score junkies will want to get placement just right before taking your shot. While the game has a relatively simple concept, the high-score aspect will keep you coming back for that best route through the level.

Ricochet can bounce into your Xbox LIVE Indie Games collection for just 80 MSP.

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