Deadpool Delivers Screens & Concept Art

By Chewie, 5 years ago
A few minutes ago, a mysterious package landed on the doormat of the TA Newshound Treehouse. As the only one in at the moment - the others are all out playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park - it fell to me to open the package and examine its contents. What I found enthralled and disgusted me in equal measure: well, the kitten-paw jewellery disgusted me, whilst the collection of screens and artwork for the upcoming Deadpool (Xbox 360) game enthralled me. I decided to write up an article featuring them after a pastrami on rye, but then a shadowy figure appeared behind me, put a sword to my throat, a gun to my head and dagger to my back (how?!?) and told me to write it up this instant. It was, of course, none other than the Merc with a Mouth himself.

Kicking things off (and me in the abdomen), Deadpool would like to show off a selection of screens for the game, which is being developed by High Moon Studios under his direct supervision.

The first group of screens show Deadpool doing what dear old dad was always asking him to do: taking out the trash.
05/02/2013 - Screen 2

05/02/2013 - Screen 3

05/02/2013 - Screen 4

05/02/2013 - Screen 5

05/02/2013 - Screen 6

05/02/2013 - Screen 8

05/02/2013 - Screen 10

05/02/2013 - Screen 12

05/02/2013 - Screen 14

05/02/2013 - Screen 15

05/02/2013 - Screen 16

05/02/2013 - Screen 13

Next up we have Deadpool and 'some guy' (his sometimes frenemy, Cable)
05/02/2013 - Screen 9

05/02/2013 - Screen 7

05/02/2013 - Screen 1

'I make this look good'
05/02/2013 - Screen 11

Deadpool would also like to remind everyone that he's a staunch environ-mental-ist with this location art for the game.
05/02/2013 - Art 1

05/02/2013 - Art 2

05/02/2013 - Art 3

05/02/2013 - Art 4

05/02/2013 - Art 5

05/02/2013 - Art 6

He's also said that, because he likes us, he's going to chuck some character concept art our way.

Death ('she's still got it')
05/02/2013 - Art 7

Cable ('he never had it')
05/02/2013 - Art 8

Finally, his esteemed Deadpoolness would like to say that Deadpool the game will be out sometime this year. 'Could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be in like eight months. It'll be done when I say it's done. And until they get all my bulges on point, it aint done'.

He is now going into obscene detail about all the things that would happen if he could get all the Lara Crofts in a room together; including 'pigtails' from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. Whilst he's distracted, I'm trying to slowly edge away from the computer and raise the alarm.

Wish me lu...
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