Dead Space 3 Kinect Voice Commands Unearthed

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
In late 2012, Visceral Games revealed that optional Kinect functionality would be featured in their survival-horror title, Dead Space 3. When the announcement was made a short trailer was used to introduce the innovation.

A few weeks later, another trailer was released to show exactly how the voice commands would work. Further to that, the game's development team has now confirmed the full list of voice commands that are available within the game "to navigate seamlessly through the interface menus and activate commonly used actions, including loading weapons, changing locations and healing and assisting your co-op partner". The Kinect voice commands are explained here (also previewed below).

Kinect VC Details

In addition, Electronic Arts has released six new screenshots to show off the lunar colony environment.







Dead Space 3 was released in North America today, and will arrive in Europe on February 8th. By now, you should be awake to the fact that the first DLC content for Dead Space 3 has already been announced.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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