Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer & Screens

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Just yesterday we brought you the news that Activision would be expanding their popular Skylanders toy/game crossover franchise into the dark world of extreme body modification. Skylanders SWAP Force is the Skylanders we all know and love, but with the option to swap between the top and bottom halves of different characters to make unique combinations.

To give us a clearer sense of what to expect from the title, a new trailer has been released showcasing some of the crazy combinations available.

We've also been treated to some screens for the game, which focus on new characters Countdown and Magna Charge.
07/02/2012 - Screen 3

07/02/2012 - Screen 2

07/02/2012 - Screen 1

07/02/2012 - Screen 4

Finally, we can get a closer look at two of the toys for characters who will be playable in the game.

New character, Wash Buckler, is a member of the SWAP force.
07/02/2012 - Screen 6

The game also includes new versions of 16 fan favourites from previous Skylanders games, including Stealth Elf.
07/02/2012 - Screen 5

Skylanders SWAP Force doesn't yet have a release date, but expect more information to come through after the game and toys debut at the upcoming Toy Fair 2013, which will be held February 10th-13th.
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