MGR: Revengeance Screens & Trailers Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Platinum Games and Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is all set to be a huge release in a couple of weeks. The videos, screens, and other news released for the game have always been filled with tons of details and sweet-looking Metal Gear action for us to feast our eyes on. Today is no exception as we've got a few screens, details, and seven videos for you guys to look at.

Starting from the top of this huge press release pile, let's first take a look at the new screens. The first three screens showcase the upcoming VR Missions mode as practicing with Raiden will hopefully make perfect. Players will need to be efficient when completing the required task in VR Missions by killing a certain amount of enemies or reaching a goal as fast as they can.

MGR:R - VR Missions Screens 01

VR Missions are a ton of fun, some of you will remember back in the day when Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 came with a second disk dedicated solely to just VR Missions. I do, and oh my did I get excited the first time I was able to take control of Gray Fox.

MGR:R - VR Missions Screens 2

MGR:R - VR Missions Screens 3

The last screen shows us Raiden doing battle in a beautiful looking Japanese Garden.

MGR:R - Japanese Garden Screen

The set of trailers have been taken from an in-depth blog post from Platinum Games, in which the post itself is entirely in Japanese. Let's take this one step at a time shall we.

As you just witnessed, Raiden can happily go into overkill on an enemy and slice and dice to his hearts content, or just slice and dice the enemies heart to tiny contents. This comes after the initial first slice first though, as Raiden took his time to choose which part of the body he wanted to rip apart first. With killer precision, players can carefully place the first strike, and then lop away at the remaining parts of the body with subsequent flicks of the anolog stick.

Precision slicing just for the ultimate, enemy-humiliating satisfaction! The trailer pretty much spoke for itself.

Whenever Raiden will be in need of energy, cutting at the enemies highlighted weak spot will allow for Raiden to be able to remove the 'spine' so to speak and consume the energy.

This video showcases how players will be able to move Raiden while in Blade mode and at the same time be able to keep the camera in a fixed position. Players who quickly become better at moving and cutting on-the-go will be able to wipe out a group of enemies flawlessly and efficiently without taking much damage.

Watermelon's seem to be the most victomized fruit in Metal Gear Rising so far and are a favoured fruit when it comes to practicing with Raiden's Blade. This video shows us how quick Raiden can be as well as how much more of a mess is made with the watermelons should the player choose to not use the precision mode when swinging the blade.

Raiden can take on soft and squishy humans easily with his high-speed, high-flying Cyborg body along with his deadly blade that we've seen in action many times already. Let's take a look at some of the more challenging enemies of Metal Gear Rising who won't be chopped up to little pieces so easily. In this new trailer, Raiden takes on Unmaned Gears as these death-bringers, designed to take on "entire platoons of regular infantry", also come with lightning speeds and a huge array of attacks. Check out the trailer as Raiden squares off against these tough opponents:

Lastly, but most certainly not least by any means, we get to take a detailed look at the unique weapons of the game. Three weapons are showcased in the trailer beginning with the 'Pole Arm', the 'Tactical Sai', and the 'Pincer Blades'. Each weapon is shown off in all its glory by Raiden himself and each have very unique advantages. Check out the final trailer and enjoy!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is set for release on February 19th for North America, February 21st for Europe, and February 22nd for the UK.
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