Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Gets Super Moves

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Seven weeks ago, 5pb brought us the Special Moves for all four of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds' main characters, as well as two of the "sub characters" that are only available in co-op mode and Battle Ground mode. Today we can complete the collection. As well as showing the Special Moves for the remaining two sub characters, we can show you the Super Finishing Moves for all eight characters.

To start off the main characters, Mikoto Nishina's Super Finishing Move is the Schaurig where a "powerful laser-like aura" emits from her sword and destroys everything that is in its direct path.

Waka Kumon's Super Finishing Move is the Absolute Spear / Dragon Team. This is a "strong anti-air skill" that raises all nearby enemies off the ground in a flurry of strikes that looks like a tornado. The attack can be used against enemies on the ground and in the air.

Itsuki Kouno's Super Finishing Move is the Horizontal Grand Slam. The move summons a giant missile that scrolls sideways across the screen and obliterates everything in its path.

Yuzuha Fujibayashi's Super Finishing Move is the Kasumi Warriors. This sees Yuzuha dart across the screen delivering a strong attack that kills all enemies in one hit.

The sub characters are led by M, whose Super Finishing Move is the Descartes Wanderers. This is a technique that summons a shower of bombs that fall from the sky. If the bombs miss a target, they will rocket sideways until they encounter an enemy.

Cocoa's Super Finishing Move is the Unendliche Angst. This allows the character to lunge across the screen, destroying all weaker enemies and pushing stronger enemies backwards while causing them damage.

Infinity is a character whose existence was created by Phantom. His style doesn't let enemies approach him and he uses a powerful firearm. His Edge of Extinction special move shoots out several blades at once. The Horizon of Horror summons two swords that shoot out of the ground. The Flaming Judgement causes an explosive burst that can only be summoned while the character is in the air.

His Super Finishing Move is the Pennance of Confession. This shoots out a ball of energy that explodes into a whirlwind; this represents a physical manifestation of the law of nature.

Nagi Kumon is the final sub character. Her younger sister was abducted by the Phantom. She usually avoids conflict but will use a Japanese sword that is draped in evil spirits when forced to fight. This sword has the power to cause a space and time distortion. Her first special move is the Space-Time Slice. The character splits in half at the waist and teleports across the screen to attack the enemy from the other side. The Thorn summons a number of blades that shoot out from the ground. The Moonshine Formation allows the character to slide forward while performing a backflip manoeuvre that has both offensive and defensive advantages.

Finally, her Super Finishing Move is the Arc Moon Blade. This increases the range and power of her slashing move.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is due to be released on XBLA on February 27th and will cost 800 MSP.
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