Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Screens Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
DICE, the proud developer of the fantastic first-person shooter, Battlefield 3, have made outstanding DLC expansions for the title. The upcoming "End Game" DLC looks to keep the impressive expansion streak alive with the all-new Capture the Flag game mode, filled with plenty of new maps, and exciting, rapid, and intense vehicle action thanks to the newly-featured dirt bikes to come with the pack.

DICE have released a few new screens showcasing the dirt bikes themselves, and a screen of one of the new maps, 'Operation Riverside' which gives us a great preview of some of the insane jumps riders will be flying over come the DLC's release.

9/2/13 - Battlefield 3 End Game Dirt Bikes - Screen 01

9/2/13 - Battlefield 3 End Game Dirt Bikes - Screen 2

9/2/13 - Battlefield 3 End Game Dirt Bikes - Screen 3

The "End Game" expansion pack for Battlefield 3 is currently set for a March release. Premium players will be able to access the DLC two weeks earlier than for those without a Premium membership and will also be charged no extra for the pack. Non-Premium members can take on the 'End Game' for 1200 MSP.

For a very interesting read on how the game dev's went about creating, testing, and mastering the jumps of the upcoming maps, Operation Riverside, Kiasar Railroad, Nebandan Flats and Sabalan Pipeline, give their highly-detailed blog post a read right here.
Ashley Woodcock
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