Wordament Improvements Arrive on All Platforms

By Keith Gray,
Wordament (WP) has seen the addition of several European language options to its puzzles since being released last year. You vs. the Internet, the game's developer, has now confirmed that more improvements have been introduced. You won't have to grab another translation dictionary though, because the changes bring new puzzles and a new game mode this time around.

Three new puzzle types, Prefix, Either/Or and Suffix have been added. The name of each puzzle is fairly self-explanatory, but here's the deal:

Prefix – There’s one tile on the board that can only be used to START words. It cannot be used in the middle or end of words.
Either/Or – There’s a special tile, like V/U on the board. It can be used as either a V or a U. There will never be a case where it can be used as both within the same puzzle. For example, you won’t find an E / S tile where both E-A-T and S-A-T are playable.
Suffix – There’s one tile on the board that can only be used to END words. Like prefix, it can’t be used at the beginning or middle of words. Also, and you might find this frustrating – you can’t add anything after the suffix. So, if the suffix is –ING, you can make E-N-D-ING, but not E-N-D-ING-S.
The special tiles are shown in a single screenshot:


Your fingers better be fast, because the developer has also brought in a Speed mode. This will come around every 10th game round (although, this is subject to change based on gamer feedback), with the emphasise placed on the number of words you can create within the time limit, rather than the value of the word you create. Every word you create is worth 10 points, regardless of its complexity, so quick and simple is the aim of the game.

The improvements don't stop at just the puzzles that are now available. The development team has made further changes to increase the variety of words that appear, as well as ensuring that the same themes don't become too repetitive.

All of the new changes will appear automatically the next time you load the game, as no client update is required to apply them. The developer has also stated that the latest changes are included in Wordament (WP), Wordament (Web) and Wordament (Win 8), meaning that you can enjoy the additions across all of the available platforms.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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