Charlie Murder Character Reveal

By SgtDigglesworth,
From the loveable and cuddly Rexecutioner to the vivacious and charismatic Kelly Skitten, the world of emo rock and demons has never been possibly more intriguing than in Ska Studio's upcoming release of Charlie Murder.

With a six-string fashioned in the bowels of hell and highly-educated in the occult, we now venture into the artistic evolution of Lester Deth.

Charlie M Feb.8th

In an interview on with Michelle and James from Ska Studios, we get a chance to see how Lester grew into what he is today.

Charlie M Feb.8th

Artistically, Lester went through a few transformations, the left image as the original concept and the second to last as the final Lester. The farthest right image is slightly younger Lester, as he appears in the game’s flashback scenes.

At some point during Lester’s art transformation, he got a skin tone change. Interestingly, it was just before last PAX Prime, so not only were we changing the game’s art, but we we were updating our promotional material, including reprinting our booth banners. And something sort of surprising happened: no one noticed. At least, no one pointed it out and asked us why. Until now, we haven’t even brought it up. But we think he looks excellent.
Charlie M Feb.8th

Charlie Murder does not have a confirmed release as of yet for the XBLA.

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