Skate 3 Demo April 15th

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Skate. It's been pretty successful as a series wouldn't you say? With the series set to see its third title, it's time to don our most fashionably questionable outfits and snigger derisively at 'Health and Safety' once again.

If you don't own a watch, you better buy yourself one so you can count down the hours to April 15th. On this day BlackBox has confirmed that 'Skate 3 will hit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace'.

Skate 3 is promised to be the 'ultimate co-op skateboarding experience' as players build a team of skaters and aim to raise the bar ever higher in the pursuit of greater tricks and bragging rights on Skate.Reel.

BlackBox revealed that the demo will feature a section of the University District in Port Caverton. The demo will allow players to familiarise (or re-familiarise) themselves with the 'gnarly' world of Skate through the new Skate.School featuring Coach Frank.

From here players can move on and grind it out in a series of single and multiplayer challenges which include Domination, Own the Lot and of course Hall of Meat. And, as if this wasn't enough the demo will allow us to savour the new object dropper (allowing customisation through up to 24 items) to personalise the demo experience.

The full game is available from May 11th (US) and May 14th in the rest of the world.

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