Three More Hasbro Game Night Games Announced

By zigs00, 8 years ago
As you may have read in yesterday's Marketplace Schedule - April 6th - April 20th post, the 2009 XBLA Award winners have been announced, with Family Game Night picking up the title of "Best Family Game."

Hot off the press following that victory, EA have announced that there will be three more games joining the seven currently available in Family Game Night, each including "original and remixed modes, online and local multiplayer, and leader board support"

To celebrate the big win and thank all of “the people out there who truly believed a Spud like me could make it to the top of the XBLA charts”, Mr. Potato Head has asked his friends at EA to put together a special collection of new titles to add to the popular HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT line-up:

JENGA – The original towering, toppling wood block game includes Classic Play and ‘Chance Blocks’, where players must perform challenges, such as removing red blocks or defusing bombs.

PICTUREKA – Find it fast—find it first! In this exciting game of visual hide and seek, players race the clock—and each other—to see who has the best eyes and who can think outside the box.

CONNECT 4×4 – With double the grid spaces and double the players, this new take on the original CONNECT FOUR game features a remixed ‘Super Squares’ mode where power-ups reside inside the board itself.
The games will join the roster of Hasbro board games already available, and while it hasn't been confirmed yet, it is safe to assume that each will have its own 200G achievement list, probably bringing the total for Family Game Night up to a whopping 100 achievements worth 2,000G!

I've done a little bit of digging, and it does appear that Hasbro owns the licenses to all three of these games worldwide, so hopefully that means we won't see the same North American-exclusivity placed on any of the titles like with Hopefully...

No word on prices (though a safe bet would estimate the same 800 MSP the other titles had), nor on a release date any more specific than Summer.