Ascend: New Gods Character Images Released

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
Fans following the progress of the upcoming XBLA title Ascend: New Gods, may be happy to hear that some more, albeit brief, character details and images have been revealed today.

Following the recent set of screens, the folks over at Signal Studios have released images of four races from the game. The following images and details below are from the official site.

Ascend: Characters

These all-powerful deities seek your service as a Caos to spread their dominion across the land.You must pledge your loyalty to the Goddess of Darkness, the God of Light, or the God of Void and conquer the land you walk on with their overwhelming power.
Ascend: Characters

The Titans are ancient, colossal creatures that tower over even the greatest Caos warriors. They are selfish, intolerant, and merciless in all their actions and highly territorial. Due to their aggressive warlike behavior they will do whatever it takes to survive even if it means complete destruction for human kind.
Ascend: Characters

In a time of desperation, a powerful breed was born called the Caos. No one is quite sure the origin of these fierce warriors; some say they were a concoction of forgotten magic, while others believe they were placed by the Gods themselves. The Caos now roam the land serving the new Gods of Dark, Light, and Void to build influence and dominance across the human villages.
Ascend: Characters

The weakest and most brittle of all the creatures are the Humans. Their sole survival is holding onto a bleak chance of hope that they will not be offered as a sacrifice. With their blood fueling the Titans, they scramble for their lives as the ground below them quakes from the Titan’s steps.
Ascend: New Gods is still scheduled for an unspecified 2013 release
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