Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets 1st Patch

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Gamers, by this point we're all accustomed to newly-released games needing a patch or two to make things run smoother. Then there are times when we might hope for a complete six million dollar makeover to rebuild the game (we have the technology), making it better, faster, stronger.

While the first patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines might not turn it into Steve Austin, it will fix the following bugs:


•General user interface improvements.
•Various performance improvements.
•Fixed issue where a door may not function properly if a Xeno was killed while opening it.
•Addressed issue where players could become stuck in a close encounter after killing a Lurker that had pounced them.
•Fixed collision issue where bullets would not pass through certain open doorways.
•Fixed an issue related to clients incorrectly interrupting Xeno melee encounters.
•Addressed an issue where doors would sometimes not open properly.
•Addressed an exploit where players could melee while throwing a grenade or placing a claymore.
•Fixed some collision detection issues that could result from a close encounter.
•Prevented campaign pop-ups from appearing outside of campaign.


•Fixed an issue that could prevent NPCs from getting on the elevator in the Sulaco.
•NPCs no longer attempt to open doors while being welded.
•Fixed issue where Raven could sometimes pass through welded door.
•Implementing a message to warn players that campaign progress will be overwritten if they try to start an offline campaign game from within the co-op campaign UI.
•Adjusted the distance between players before they're warped to the location of furthest player in co-op.
•Fixed issue where torch would sometimes appear incorrectly to co-op clients.
•Fixed issue where difficulty could sometimes become stuck incorrectly after switching modes.
•Fixed issue where co-op player would not recover properly after being saved from a close encounter.
•Fixed issue where Russian players could not drop into a co-op match in some missions.
•Updated late-game close encounter moment to disable player input, which could cause them to become stuck.
•Splitscreen: Weapon Radial menu no longer appears for other players when the pause menu is opened.
•Splitscreen: Fixed issue where if the Game Menu is opened while accessing the Weapon Radial, it stays up on does not function properly.


•Resolved issue where campaign Motion Tracker could incorrectly in multiplayer loadouts.
•Fixed issue where clients would sometimes be invisible after spawning in No Hope in Hadleys.
•Multiplayer teams are now randomized (parties excluded) if percentage difference in scores is greater than 15%
•'Switch Teams' option removed from the Pause menu.
•Corrected issue where server and client could get out-of-sync when switching out of a power-up while firing.
•Fixed issue where controller would vibrate during the scores screen if Rage ability was active upon match end.
•Fixed issue where Cloak ability would not conceal the Lurker when walking or jogging.
•Corrected bug where clients appeared to spawn outside of world before match start.
•Removed placeholder text from appearing on scoreboard in certain situations.
•Improved camera transition when Xeno enters a vent.
•Fixed issue where Xenomorph HUD could sometimes appear in the wrong color.
•Fixed issue with Spitter acid sometimes preventing players from deploying a Sentry Turret for a short while.
•Spitter's "Acid Spray" now originates from the mouth.
•Escape: Fixed issue where Xenos could spawn in unplayable space.
•Escape: Fixed issue where Xeno players could lose functionality if warped to next area while in a vent.
•Escape: Addressed issues where players would spawn with no weapon if they were the last Marine to die in Escape.
•Escape: Fixed issue where Cat-Like Reflexes ability would not properly complete in an Escape match.
•Escape: Improved timing and placement of warp locations in Emergency Evac map.
Aliens: Colonial Marines is out now. If you're waiting on our official review, might we suggest that you read a few others to bide the time before you purchase.
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Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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