New Defiance Screenshots and Artwork

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Trion Worlds have released a new batch of artwork and screenshots for their upcoming multi-medium shooter MMO, Defiance, that will exist in the same world as a TV series of the same name on SyFy. These new screens give players a glimpse of the scale of action and enemies they will face, while the accompanying artwork shows how worn torn Earth will look and what types of characters players are likely to meet.

Defiance Screens 1

Defiance Screens 2

Defiance Screens 3

Defiance Screens 4

Defiance Screens 5

Defiance Screens 6

Defiance Screens 7

Defiance Screens 8

Defiance Screens 9

Defiance Screens 10

Defiance Artwork 1

Defiance Artwork 2

Defiance Artwork 3

Defiance Artwork 4

Defiance Artwork 5

Defiance is due to be released worldwide on April 2nd.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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