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By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
The upcoming "End Game" DLC expansion in DICE's first-person shooter, Battlefield 3, is set to feature plenty of high-speed battles with its new dirt bikes and Capture the Flag game mode. For those who may not be familiar with how Capture the Flag will work in the upcoming DLC, the game mode may not come across as simple as it sounds.

16/2/13 - BF3 End Game - Screen 01

Some may think of Capture the Flag as a battle of one team defending the flag while the opposing team try to take it from them. In Battlefield 3's "End Game" DLC, both teams will need to co-ordinate with their fellow soldiers on who's staying and who's going as both bases will have a flag ready for capturing at each of them. In a similar fashion to Call of Duty games for example, a player with the flag cannot capture it if his team's flag has been taken by the opposing team. DICE have some more details regarding the new game mode taken from their Batteblog:

Capturing a flag is instantaneous. Just run over it to snatch it, then make it back home to score. Recovering your own flag that an enemy has dropped is not so simple, though. Rather, it is similar to how you would capture a base in Conquest. There’s a timer ticking down once you are within capture radius, and the time it takes to recover the flag is directly affected by how many friendly soldiers you have in the flag’s capture radius. Once it’s recovered, it will be automatically placed back home in your base again.
16/2/13 - BF3 End Game - Screen 2

As you can see in the screens, the flag is carried by your soldier or attached to your vehicle. Players will no doubt be putting the new dirt bikes through their paces and be feeling the pure adrenaline running through the veins as they make a rapid escape with the enemies flag. At the same time, there's bound to be plenty of addicted tank users like myself who won't be seen dead in any other vehicle. Tanks may be much slower than the dirt bikes, but with an efficient driver teamed up with a highly accurate gunner, defending squads may struggle to take down the tank-driving flag thieves.

Battlefield 3's "End Game" DLC expansion is still scheduled for release in March, an exact release date is still yet to be revealed. The DLC pack will be priced at 1200 MSP for those without a Premium Membership. Premium members will be able to download the DLC two weeks earlier than non-members at no extra charge.
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