Far Cry 3 Upcoming Patches Detailed

By Chewie,
I think that it's safe to say that Ubisoft have a hit on their hands with Far Cry 3. Here on TA, it has topped the weekly stats for most popular game started for most of the weeks since its late November release and currently has a solid 4.7 user rating. Despite the game's success, however, the developers haven't decided to sit on their laurels. Instead, they are keen to continue to make improvements to the game through regular patches. Most recently, the latest title update for the game (1.03) was released in mid-January, which fixed a number of glitches in both the single player and mulitplayer elements of the game.

In a recent post on their official forums, Ubisoft have expressed their intention to make even more improvements to the title, based on player feedback. They've also detailed some of the major changes that they are planning in future patches.

Single Player

• Ability to Reset Outposts
Once you've taken over all of the outposts and finished the main game, you'll get the option to 'Reset Outposts' in the Gamplay Options menu. This will make all the Outposts hostile again. Theoretically this will mean that two potentially missable achievements will now become unmissable:
Far Cry 3UnheardThe Unheard achievement in Far Cry 3 worth 22 pointsLiberate an outpost without triggering an alarm.

and subsequently:
Far Cry 3Fully InkedThe Fully Inked achievement in Far Cry 3 worth 47 pointsEarn every tattoo by learning all the skills.

• New 'Master' Difficulty Setting
For those who don't find the existing difficulty settings enough of a challenge, the new 'Master' difficulty will be added in the patch, including "more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers". In a nod to one of the more frustrating features of the game's predecessor, Far Cry 2, the new difficulty selection screen claims that it is 'worse than malaria'.


• New Feedback Options for User-Created Maps
The interface for map feedback has been redesigned to be more intuitive and "feedback tags" have been added to provide more options to players wishing to provide feedback on maps.

• Beta Map Testing and Spectating for Map Makers
Map makers will have the option to "Start Beta Test" maps once published that other players can join in on and provide feedback, whilst the creator spectates matches to see how they play out.

• Find Other Maps by Same Map Maker
Once a map has been favourited and added to the Map Archive, players can then search for other maps by the same map maker.

• No Idle Kick Time in Custom Matches
Players will no longer be kicked from games if they remain idle in private and custom matches (MP & Co-Op). They willl still be kicked from public matches.

• "Vote to Skip Map" Improvements
The option to vote to skip a map has been made more visible and the time window for votes to be cast has been increased.

There isn't any information of when these changes will be made to Far Cry 3, but we'll be sure to bring you all the details when they do.

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Written by Chewie
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