Capcom Arcade Cabinet Launch Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
The CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet launched today with the initial pack of tables, 'Game Pack 1", which has been dubbed the '1987 Pack' by Capcom because they want me to feel old today. Included in this initial bundle, available for 400 MSP, are the games 1943, Black Tiger and Avengers that, alas, is not the Data East beat 'em up starring Captain America. Capcom released a launch trailer for 'Game Pack 1' and I have to say that the quality of these games blows Game Room out of the water right off the bat.

Every two weeks Capcom will be releasing another bundle of titles, with each of the four remaining packs setting you back 800 MSP. If you do not mind waiting, on May 21st all 17 titles will be available through the purchase of the "All-in One" bundle for 2000 MSP.

For further information as to what titles will be out each week, you can read our previous coverage.