Dead or Alive 5 Fighter Pack DLC Screens

By Chewie, 5 years ago
A lot has been said in the past about how beat-em-ups frequently tend towards portraying female fighters wearing very little and exhibiting particularly gravity-defying *ahem* physics. Evidently, Tecmo and their developers, Team Ninja, feel comfortable enough to continue with the trend, as the ladies in their latest game, Dead or Alive 5, seem perfectly happy to brawl in their bathing suits.

Seemingly in an effort to redress the balance, details recently emerged of a new DLC pack for the title that will feature more skimpy costumes for 11 of the game's characters - more specifically, the game's male characters. We've already brought you some trailers of this "Fighter Pack", but here are some screens, highlighting the various bulges of Bayman, Jann Lee and Rig.

20/02/2013 - Fighter DLC - Bayman

20/02/2013 - Fighter DLC - Jann Lee

20/02/2013 - Fighter DLC - Rig

Apart from these new costumes, we don't have many more details of what the "Fighter Pack" DLC entails or a release date. However, we'll be sure to bring you more information as the package develops.
Written by Chewie
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