Blood Knights Gets New Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
The seal of blood contains the frozen blood of the most powerful, immortal vampire, Kain. It has been in the possession of the human race for thousands of years and prevents demons from existing on Earth. The guardian of the seal must ensure that it does not fall into the possession of the vampires, but when he dies, all hell lets loose as the vampires attempt to obtain the seal in Deck 13's hack ’n slash action RPG Blood Knights. Despite the game nearing release on Xbox LIVE Arcade, we haven't really covered much of the title. Let's bring you up to speed before we introduce the new screenshots.

21/2/13 Logo

Jeremy is a renowned vampire hunter -- one of the best in his time. He has hunted and killed hundreds of vampires in his quest to protect mankind. Unfortunately, to perform the most vital task of protecting the seal of blood, he must bond with one of his arch enemies... a vampiress named Alysa. He can always destroy her after the job is done anyway.

He undergoes a ritual that bonds him to Alysa and the pair must battle together against Alysa's former allies. During one of these fights, Jeremy is infected by a vampire and turns into one of his most loathed enemies. With his former allies now set to kill him too, will the pair succeed, and will Jeremy be able to revert back to human form so that the pair can eventually be separated?

Here's a quick rundown of the game's features:

Two Players, double the fun
You can play Blood Knights either solo and switch between both characters to use their individual skills, or invite a friend to join your game and fight alongside them.

Great feature: if your friend has to leave the game, you can simply continue playing solo.

Play smart: create your own destiny
Master tricky passages, avoid nasty traps and solve problems as you pursue the hidden mysteries in each level.

Specialise your skills
Earn experience points and use them for learning even more destructive attacks.

Countless items, weapons and armour items
Prepare for battle and acquire more powerful weapons and equipment. Remember: only a well-equipped warrior will prevail!

Full in-game audio
The story of these two very different heroes is elaborately conceived, with first-class voice acting talent.
Here are those promised screenshots:

21/2/13 Screenshot 1

21/2/13 Screenshot 2

21/2/13 Screenshot 3

21/2/13 Screenshot 4

21/2/13 Screenshot 5

21/2/13 Screenshot 6

If screenshots aren't enough to make up your mind, perhaps you'd prefer to take a look at this previously released gameplay trailer instead:

Blood Knights was due to be released yesterday, but has been delayed for unknown reasons. We'll try to bring you a release date soon. We can confirm that the game will cost 1200 MSP.
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