Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Takes To The Skies

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
The fifth and final Premium DLC pack, titled "End Game", for first-person shooter Battlefield 3, was announced in December last year. However, it wasn't until the very last moments of January that DICE revealed that the content would bring with it a brand-new game mode, Air Superiority.

As the game mode's name suggests, the high-speed action is set to reach unrivalled heights with 12-on-12 aerial dogfights taking place across the four new environments that will also be introduced in the "End Game" DLC.

After showcasing the dirt bikes that will also arrive in "End Game", the developer has been all talk (and no action) in regard to the introduction of the Air Superiority game mode. It will all change now though, as the first screenshot has been released to highlight the aerial action.


If you have a fear of heights, or simply wish to keep your feet firmly on the ground, then there will still be plenty to keep you busy in the returning Capture the Flag game mode. Assuming that's your preferred route into the action, then it would probably be worth casting your eyes over these map details as well.

The upcoming "End Game" DLC content is still scheduled to conquer the battlefield next month. Unfortunately, there is still no specific, confirmed release date or pricing details available. On the bright side though, the developer has promised more details will be revealed prior to the content's eventual deployment.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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