Ascend: New Gods' Smartglass Application

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
Ascend: Hand of Kul has slowly but surely started to gain more interest. The free-to-play title from Signal Studios will now include a new addition, but this time in the form of an App called "Ascend: Oracle of the New Gods". Gamers with either a tablet or a mobile device that is capable of using SmartGlass, will now be able to use the app to enhance the game experience. This places Ascend: New Gods in the same ranks as games such as Dance Central 3 and Forza Horizon who already support the app's use.

The following video details how you will be able to use SmartGlass to not only make changes to your character, but also view the map and other key ingredients to help make your journey that much more efficient.

Ascend: New Gods will be free-to-play on the XBLA sometime this year. For all of the news surrounding this title, please make your way over here.
Credit for this story goes to Tveilor