Nexuiz Servers Confirmed to be Offline

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
After weeks of uncertainity following the collapse of THQ, Illfonic has made it official that the Nexuiz server is offline. The XBLA first-person shooter was originally released on February 29th of 2012, meaning that it failed to reach its first birthday. The final word we will ever receive regarding this title was posted to the game's official Facebook page:

As some of you know, the Xbox Servers are now offline. It was fun while it lasted on there and we are glad you guys enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, the Xbox Servers were controlled by THQ and in the current state, cannot be maintained anymore. Since the PC servers are different and can be controlled 100% by IllFonic, they will remain online and functional. Thanks!
With that, the THQ closure claims yet another victim.