Guardians of Middle-Earth Gets the New Game Mode

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
The Season Pass for Guardians of Middle-earth promised eight new Guardians and a new game mode for the bargain price of 1200 MSP. So far seven of those Guardians have been released; only Barrow-wight Lord is still to make his debut. Today sees the release of the bonus Survival mode, where up to five players can co-operate to survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the Glittering Caves in the White Mountains. The towers must still be defended, enemy control must be quashed and bosses must be defeated to complete new challenges.

As a bonus, the one-lane map that is currently found in the game will be getting a makeover for players who download the new game mode. The Goblin-town map skin puts players in the dark tunnels that are found within the Misty Mountains close to the dwelling of the Witch-king.

As usual, the DLC does not add any new achievements. The "Survival Game Mode" costs 320 MSP and can be downloaded from here. Season Pass holders can download the content in-game for no extra charge. Those people who aren't planning on buying the DLC will instead need to download the FREE "Compatibility Pack - Compat #3" from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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