AlphaJax Title Update Released

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Yesterday, AlphaJax (WP) received an update titled Version 1.1, which was hoped to fix a few bugs introduced into the game during its progression from indie title to Xbox LIVE title, including some issues with achievements not unlocking when they should have done. Here are the bug fixes as reported by WPCentral.

• Fixes a chat icon bug in which the new message icon stayed on after messages had been checked
• Alignment issue in the my stats page where positions were hidden is now corrected
• Some achievement glitches should now be fixed.
• Users can now opt out of random and/or skill match requests.
This bug fixes the problems with these achievements that were previously known to be buggy:

AlphaJax (WP)DecennialThe Decennial achievement in AlphaJax (WP) worth 23 pointsPlay 10 games

AlphaJax (WP)JubileeThe Jubilee achievement in AlphaJax (WP) worth 30 pointsPlay 50 games

AlphaJax (WP)LexicographerThe Lexicographer achievement in AlphaJax (WP) worth 33 pointsGet a rating of 1500+

However, the patch did also introduce a larger problem. The patch was published with an incorrect configuration file that was responsible for resetting a player's rank and removing any progress and stats from the period before the patch was applied. Players affected by this problem do not need to panic though. Since the initial release of Version 1.1, another patch has since been released onto the Marketplace that restores all of the data that appeared to have been lost and restores the player to their previous rank.

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this one in!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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