SSF IV: Moves Altered And New Ultra Combos

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
Speaking on Street Fighter fan site, development team member Okada has revealed some interesting changes to Super Street Fighter IV. C.Viper's Burning Kick been altered so that players who spam the move are no longer at an advantage. Rufus has had the power reduced on his Falcon Kick and Seth has had several of his moves reduced in power. Okada explained the reasoning for dumbing down some of Seth's moves by saying "we're basically tuningn down the moves that are too strong, and balancing him better as a player character."

As well as some small changes Abel, El Fuerte, Gouken and Akuma all get new Ultra Combos. Abel's is called Brethless and Gouken's is called Denjin Hadouken. Akuma's new Ultra is described as "romantic"! We can only assume it will be "romantic" in an ironic way! Hadouken lovers had better watch out, as when El Fuerte's Ultra Spark is activated his "sliding goes under projectiles."

In one final twist the games end boss characters: Seth, Akuma and Gouken are now "completely different from the playable versions." Okada says this is because "their frame data is completely different." So expect more of a challenge on Arcade mode.

Take a look at the blog translation:

SSF IV is scheduled for release on 27th April in North America and 30th April in Europe.