Sacred Citadel Latest Screenshots

By Graymouse 1, 5 years ago
Deep Silver has recently revealed the various RPG elements in their new side-scrolling action brawler, Sacred Citadel. These RPG elements, in conjunction with unique custom weapon combinations, mounts, towns, a myriad of combat options and more features yet to be revealed, makes Sacred Citadel the leading game of the genre. More on that in a moment, let us first take a look at the new screenshots below.

2/27/2013 screenshot

Deep within the misty swamps of Ancaria lies an old graveyard. While the mighty Safiri warrior fighting in first row is unleashing a devastating attack on the evil shaman, the Ancarian Ranger is providing support from the back. In this screen shot the ranger is wearing his standard amour.
2/27/2013 screenshot

The second screenshot of the graveyard shows the Ancarian Ranger wearing a more powerful armor! Defeated enemies occasionally drop equipment such as armor or weapons as well as powerful potions all of which can also be bought in the different towns of Ancaria. Additional loot dropped by enemies includes gold and instant life restoring food (as good food dropped on the ground tends to be), ensuring players are both constantly rewarded and kept in the action.
2/27/2013 screenshot

The 3rd act of Sacred Citadel takes place in a corroded wilderness and featuring one of the silliest yet deadly mounts in gaming history! Enjoy a little bit of shade from the harsh environment while laying waste to all around you good ol’ rest and devastation!
As previously promised, below the publisher explains how Sacred Citadel's RPG features fits into your own unique way of playing the game.

Sacred Citadel offers a wealth of roleplaying features that help to spice up this action brawler. Players can battle with up to three characters out of a total of four, and all of them can be leveled up during the progress of the game and acquire new skills. Since Sacred Citadel is also a unique co-op experience, the different ways you can develop a character plays an important role for the whole group. The four characters (consisting of the Khukuri Shaman, the Ancarian Ranger and the Safiri Warrior and a yet-to-be-revealed secret character) have their own skill sets that grant them stronger class attacks depending on their experience level, which come to life when used in conjunction with each other. Throughout the game the characters can pick up a host of new equipment: weapons that can be used to beef up their attack values or armor to improve their defense stats. Cannot decide between that sturdy mace that stuns your enemies so beautifully but also want to take that sharp sword with you to pierce your foes? No problem! Sacred Citadel allows for custom weapon combinations.
In addition to what was said above, you can further support your own unique playing style by hoarding the treasures that you find on your mission and then spend it at one of the many merchants in town. Purchase a number of potions that can be used whenever you like to regain health or refill your power meter to unleash deadly special attacks, all of which gives the player great diversity and freedom on their quest to defend Ancaria.

Sacred Citadel will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade sometime in 2013 and,as always, once we find out more information about this title we will be sure to pass the information along to the TA community.