Nexuiz Delisted From the Games Marketplace

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
With the unfortunate events that have took place for well-known publishers THQ over the past few months, it's unsurprising to see their XBLA title, Nexuiz vanish from the Games Marketplace, especially after the servers for the game just recently felt the wrath of the shutdown-axe, too.

Nexuiz was recently part of a game publisher weekend deal that saw the game reduced from 800 MSP to 200 MSP. Many of you will have probably scooped the title up at the time, but if you didn't get around to starting the game, then the completion won't be coming your way anytime soon. Based around first-person online multiplayer madness, the server shutdown has rendered nine of the 12 achievements unobtainable. With no warning or notice to the servers being switched off, this is just the harsh way the cookie has crumbled for this particular THQ title.

With THQ still swirling down the gaming industry 'toilet' right now, could we be seeing many more of their titles being cut from the online world? Hopefully not, but as always, keep your eyes peeled to the front page here at TA where we will be sure to keep you all informed with the latest de-listings, server-shutdowns, and company troubles as and when these events unfold.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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