I Started the Flame War

By Badly Worn Toy, 8 years ago
So kids, I have been part of the TA community for over a year now. I have become a more prominent member over the last six months, and I can be regularly found in the chat room. While I may not post huge amounts in the forum, I seem to spread hate and bitterness among the userbase both in the forums and the chat. This is mostly down to differences in humour or opinions, which brings me to the subject of my article: the sensitivity of people on the internet.

During my time here, within the TA community, I have watched it grow from strength to strength and made some great friends along the way. I have also watched the forums grow, and obviously with that growth, a huge increase in users. With more users obviously there are more opinions. But with all these opinions brings differences in what one person believes is right, and what another person believes is wrong. This can be found throughout the forum, from Rate the last movie you saw to Worst game you played on the 360. But who is right? And who is wrong? Am I wrong to dislike a Harry Potter film or think vampires shouldn't sparkle, or am I right to enjoy playing Two Worlds?

With everyone having their own opinion who is right and wrong? Can there ever be a right or wrong opinion? To question another person's opinion that differs from your own is often taken offence to, but other times it can lead to great discussions. More often than not though it leads to a flame war between users. Is this really what happens when you go out with friends on a Friday night? I doubt very much you begin a shouting match between you and your best mate over who looks best in a bikini, or which is the best zombie flick. No, you either agree to differ or one side persuades the other that Shaun of the Dead is miles better than Zombieland.

Why is this so different on the internet? Everyone seems so set in their way and outright stubborn. For me this makes great reading and has kept me entertained for hours. To even question a person's opinion can sometimes result in a hate-ridden reply. Is everyone so sensitive and insecure about their own opinions? Or do they want to drive home that they are more right, so they can increase their 'E-Penis'?

I'm not saying that we should all have the same opinion, as it would a pretty dull world, but is there any need for such hate and sensitivity? I'm writing this article in the hope for a great discussion. Are you sensitive or open minded? How do you perceive another's opinion?

Also, if you don't agree with me, then your opinion doesn't matter anyway.