Star Trek Sends In Kirk and Spock

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Star Trek Into Darkness is due to arrive in cinemas in May. Before people flock to see that film, players will be able to get into the right spirit by starting their own journey from the point where 2009's J. J. Abrams Star Trek finished. Digital Extremes' Star Trek places players into their own stand-alone action adventure.

Box art

The latest screenshots show Spock and Kirk as they work together to try and stop a "legendary race" from conquering the galaxy. Things don't always go smoothly:

1/3/13 Screenshot 1

1/3/13 Screenshot 2

1/3/13 Screenshot 3

1/3/13 Screenshot 4

1/3/13 Screenshot 5

1/3/13 Screenshot 6

1/3/13 Screenshot 7

1/3/13 Screenshot 8

Star Trek is due to be released on April 23rd for North America and April 26th for Europe and Australasia.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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