Bound by Flame Enters Dark Fantasy

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Spiders' Xbox LIVE Arcade action-RPG Mars: War Logs is not far from release. Now, publisher Focus Home Interactive has seen fit to announce the developer's bigger project, another action-RPG that, this time, places players into a dark fantasy world.

Bound by Flame tells the story of an un-named mercenary possessed by a flame demon. Players will have to choose whether to accept the powers provided by his evil influence or whether to reject those powers and develop more heroic talents. If the demonic influence is chosen, the player may be tempted to give over more of his soul to the demon so that he can become more powerful and face the increasing dangers and increasing threat from his enemies.

The mercenary's body will transform as he gives up more of his soul, but there will still be plenty of customisation options available to players. Gender and facial characteristics can be changed and will influence the appearance of the demon. Three different skill trees will allow players to specialise their powers in combat, fire magic and/or assassination. The game's crafting system will enable the creation and improvement of weapons and armour.

As well as the main adventure, a variety of side quests will be available, but these will depend on the choices that the player makes. Some chapters will offer different experiences depending on factors such as the amount of influence from the demon on the player, and this means that the game will offer replayability. The mercenary will also be joined by several companions as the story progresses, but the player's previous actions will influence whether these companions will be friendly, look for romance or be your new rival.

Battles against foes will take place in real-time combat against creatures such as shadow dragons, liches, the undead and ice creatures. The only screenshot offered by Focus Home introduces the Swamp Beast. I'm not entirely sure that I fancy the mercenary's odds.

1/3/13 Screenshot

Bound by Flame is due to be released at the end of this year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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