Charlie Murder's Bass Player Takes to the Stage

By Chewie, 5 years ago
So far we've met three of the motley crew in Ska Studios' upcoming XBLA title, Charlie Murder, which is a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a musical twist. First up was band manager and back-up vocalist Skelekitten, then the hefty drummer, The Rexecutioner, and finally Lester Death on the six string.

Today sees us being introduced to the band's bassist, Tommy Homicide; a muscular, pierced and balding juggernaut of a man with some highly dangerous tendencies. Your typical bass player, then.

02/03/2013 - Tommy 1

02/03/2013 - Tommy 2

Like many bass players, Tommy is known as the strong silent type. He's also a robot enthusiast and, when he's not laying down a heavy bass line, he's building giant killer robots known as Gerudomech.

02/03/2013 - Tommy 3

He's also the equivalent of a shaman and can use totems to either heal his allies or unleash a world of pain on his foes. These totems are crafted from the heads and brains of fallen enemies. As the image shows, heads are for healing and brains are for zapping. Naturally.

02/03/2013 - Tommy 4

Charlie Murder doesn't have a release date yet. However, it will be available to demo at this year's PAX East in Boston, MA on March 22 – 24th.
Written by Chewie
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