Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge New Features

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
Last month, we brought you the news about Team Ninja's newest game, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Today, we will continue to build on what you know with the announcement of the Smartglass functionality for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. When you load up the Smartglass App on your phone or tablet while you are playing the game, Smartglass will allow you to track your progress and your gameplay stats in real-time. Also, if you are having problems clearing a certain part of the game you can check out the Youtube functionality of the App to see how your friends or other Ninjas worldwide completed that part. Once you register and create your Dragon page, you will also be able to track your friends' progress and their gameplay stats as well. Take a look at the screenshots of the App below.

03/03/2013 smartglass

03/03/2013 smartglass

Also announced are the new features for Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi.
For the first time in NINJA GAIDEN, Kasumi joins the battles alongside Ayane and Momiji as a playable character in Chapter Challenge and Ninja Trials! Ayane enjoys more action, too, with her very own story mode full of blood and gore. And all 3 female characters are more gorgeous and deadly than ever in brand new costumes!
Costumes for Ayane:

03/04/2013 Ayane Raging God - Nine of Violet

Raging God- Nine of Violet
Named for the nine planets of Chinese astrology. One of the official Hajin Mon shinobi outfits.
03/04/2013 Ayane Phantom Butterfly

Phantom Butterfly
A shinobi outfit designed for combat. In the hands of a master, its frilled obi becomes a powerful weapon of distraction.
03/04/2013 Ayane Nightime Butterfly

Nighttime Butterfly
A shinobi outfit designed for nighttime infiltration. Also optimized for combat,
making it highly versatile.
03/04/2013 Ayane Blossom of Miyama

Blossom of Miyama
Closer to a suit of armor than a shinobi outfit, it has been designed with many hidden tricks to enhance its subterfuge capabilities.
Costumes for Momiji:

Momiji Purifying Flame

Purifying Flame
Traditional battle garb for Dragon Shrine Maidens. The red represents the evil-vanquishing Dragon's Flame, and white the subsequent purification.
Momiji Indigo Happi

Indigo Happi
Traditional clothing for those taking part in secular festivals. Every shinobi sometimes needs to blend in with ordinary activities.
Momiji Hidden Black Flower

Hidden Black Flower
A kunoichi outfit combining the latest fashions with the wisdom of the Hayabusa tribe. Armor plating has been reduced to maximize flexibility while still looking chic and sleek.
Momiji Ascetic White

Ascetic White
Hayabusa clan training gear for shinobis. Specially purified in order to help young Ninja develop their spiritual abilities.
Costumes for Kasumi:

Kasumi Night Sakura

Night Sukura
A pitch-black shinobi outfit designed for assassination.
Like the eternal cherry blossoms said to bloom in the land of the dead,the only ones permitted to lay eyes on this are those fated for death.
Kasumi Immaculate White

Immaculate White
A stunning white shinobi outfit. Used for harsh kumite training where the wearer is required to keep it clean and pristine.
Kasumi Gentle Snowfall

Gentle Snowfall
An elegant kimono decorated with sky-blue and cherry blossoms designed to look like snow. Uses tasuki sashes to tie up its sleeves so they don't get in the wearer's way during battle.
Kasumi Brilliant Lapis

Brilliant Lapis
A shinobi outfit with a brilliant blue color. This color is valued highly among the Mugen Tenshin clan, and only the clan leader is permitted to don it.
Costumes for Ryu Hayabusa:


Traditional Dark Blue
Shinobi battle garb that combines the Hayabusa clan's knowledge with the
best modern materials.

Legendary Black Falcon
Shinobi battle garb that combines the Hayabusa clan's knowledge with the
best modern materials.

Dragon Muscle Suit
A suit designed to draw out the hidden power of dragon's blood and turn the
wearer into a bonafide battle machine.

Fiend Hayabusa
An outfit that replicates Ryu Hayabusa's appearance whenever his blood runs wild and turns him into a demon of destruction.
As a special bonus for those of you, who have an existing Ninja Gaiden III save file the below costume is yours as a gift from Team Ninja.


Nightmare Brought to Life
Nightmare Brought to Life is based on a nightmare Hayabusa had of himself of his final days, overcome by the Grip of Murder. Is this dream an omen of the fate in store for him?

We also have some pre-order information, as well. If you pre-order exclusively with Gamestop, you will be able to receive the below costumes in addition to the ones above.

Pre-order bonus RYU Spirit of the Fighter

Pre-order bonus Momiji

Pre-order bonus Kasumi

Pre-order bonus Ayne

Additional game features:

For those that played, you will be glad to know that the Shadows of the World Feature has been upgraded. For those that don't know what I am talking about, Shadows of the World is an eight player online mode where you can take on numerous Ninja Trials or compete against your friends in Clan Battles.

With the new and improved Ninja Trials you can fight alongside Ayane and an unknown Ninja, who you can customize to fit your unique playing style. The revamped AI and the ability to dismember your enemies should test your ninja skills to the fullest.

The new features for Clan Battle include being able to pick two primary weapons and the ability to change those weapons each time you are killed at respawn. The ability to customize and assign different skills to each weapon allows you be able to create your own unique play style, all the while staying ahead of the opposition.

Last but not least, the final feature we have for you is the Test of Valor

Tests of Valor

A special phase designed for battle-hungry fans of the series.
Each chapter contains a hidden crystal skull that acts as a gateway to a special boss battle area, where you can put your skills to the test against the deadliest bosses of the Ninja Gaiden series!

An endless battle waged in the area where Ryu has fought off nigh-certain death countless times before. Powerful enemies Ryu has fought previously return, fueled by anger and bloodthirsty vengeance. Crystal skills hidden throughout the world.
The key to challenging the Boss Battles.
If you would like to know more about Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge head on over to their official website and have a look around. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge will be slashing its way onto your Xbox on April 2nd, 2013 in North America, April 5th in Europe via retail outlets and digital download options, and April 4th in Japan.

We've got the full list of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.