End Game Launch Trailer for Battlefield 3

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
With the lucky users of the PS3 seeing the release of the final expansion pack "End Game" today, for DICE's hugely successful Battlefield 3, EA have released a single screenshot and the launch trailer to get the blood pumping for the intense and rapid gameplay that awaits the Xbox 360's Premium members of the title.

In the screen, we see the new Dropship using its ability to deploy air drops that consist of soldiers and/or even vehicles allowing the team to quickly gain the upperhand on any threats nearby.

5/3/13 - End Game DLC Screen

The launch trailer actually kicks off with a vehicle being launched from the dropship itself! Thankfully, these support vehicles do come with parachutes so your vehicle will land nice and gently on the ground and be in one piece ready to tear up the opposition. Then as you can expect from any Battlefield 3 trailer, the new Air Superiority and Capture the Flag game modes along with the new vehicles and new maps are all showcased with plenty of high explosives, gunfire, heavy vehicle action and plenty of DICE style razzle dazzle!

The "End Game" DLC in Battlefield 3 is just a week away for Premium members and remains set for release on March 12th at no extra charge. Those without a Premium membership will be able to get in on the expansion action on March 26th for 1200 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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