Singularity Coming June 29th

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Come on, you remember Singularity? It was scheduled to ship earlier this year, but the date has slipped several times before now. (Ironic considering the USP of the game).

What, you don't remember it? OK, let's refresh our memories. Raven Software's (publishing through Activision) forthcoming title focuses around a time manipulation device, or TMD for short. The TMD has the power to shift an object through time, either to the past or into the future as part of the puzzle solving mechanic of the game.

Example uses given of this include being able to send locks and keys back and forth in time, or sending a broken bridge back in time to a period when it was structurally sound and usable.

The TMD may also be wielded as a powerful weapon to combat the various foes which inhabit the time ravaged world you'll venture through. And when they say 'powerful weapon' they mean it. One such use of the TMD says that you can effectively 'rewind' time on your enemy to send them into an foetal like state before watching them slowly die, helplessly.

Raven Software have also cited the inclusion of a Chronolight which works independently of any time line. Thus allowing the player to search for and reveal messages from the past, present or future in a given location. The title will also buck the trend of regenerative health games and make use a of a 'more traditional' life bar, in an attempt to slow the player down and have them fully explore and enjoy the experience of Singularity.

I have to say, it sounds like a very promising game and I hope it lives up to the kind of game I envisage.

The release period of June 2010 was confirmed on Twitter by an Activision spokesperson, and is also now confirmed on Singularity's official website. A specific date of June 29th was given in a teaser trailer. So, unless you possess your own TMD we'll just have to wait it out.

In the meantime, take a look at this trailer: