Thunder Wolves Screenshots Soar In

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Back in September last year, we brought you the announcement of Most Wanted Entertainment's upcoming XBLA title, Thunder Wolves. Between then and now, there's not been a chopper fume-filled whiff of any news from the game! All that has changed today as game publisher bitComposer has released a handful of screens along with a few details of the storyline for the upcoming title.

As a member of the Thunder Wolves, an organization filled with only the best pilots around, these courageous soldiers are on a mission to rid the world of all evil forces. These skilled and dangerous pilots don't bother with steady flying or gentle hovering of their choppers, it's all about high-speeds, precise attacks and an attitude for getting the job done no matter what the orders or how dangerous the mission may be:

Whether it requires protecting an oil platform, destroying a chemical factory, or stopping advancing enemies in their tracks. Their goal is nothing less than saving the world, and this requires staying a step ahead of the terrorists by finding out just what they are planning.
With the details being pretty brief and straight to the point, bitComposer has kindly shared these new screenshots with their potential pilots, just to give you a general idea of the pain-bringing, sky-dominating, rough times ahead:

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 01

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 2

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 3

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 4

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 5

6/3/13 - Thunder Wolves Screens 6

Thunder Wolves is now scheduled for a "second quarter" release on XBLA this year instead of the originally slated "first quarter". A price for the title is still yet to be revealed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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