Wordament Gets Another Update

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Wordament is one of those games that many people are likely to have tried, whether it be on the Web, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows 8. Developer You vs. the Internet is still actively supporting the title with hotfixes and gameplay updates. We have one of each for you today.

The gameplay update introduces a new theme list. The Sailing theme will ask players to look for words such as BROADSIDE, CLIPPER, HELM, LOGGERHEAD, SAILCLOTH, SCUPPER and WINDWARD. Make sure that you write those down for future reference.

The hotfix actually renames two of the Potpourri puzzles, Prefix and Suffix. I'll let publisher Microsoft Studios explain the reason behind this one:

Player chey38 from Los Angeles was kind enough to send us a mail letting us know that while our intent was good, our usage of the terms prefix and suffix were incorrect for some of the words we were allowing. Specifically, a prefix and suffix “change the meaning” of the word they are attached to. So, “misrepresent” is the opposite of “represent”. But, during the prefix round for MIS- we also allow MIS-S and MIS-T, which means the MIS- is not actually a prefix. So we’ve changed the title of those puzzles to “Starts with” and “Ends with” respectively. In gratitude and recognition, we sent chey38 a Wordament T-shirt! Thanks chey38!
These changes have already been applied and players should notice the difference when they next play any of the four versions of the game.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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