Microsoft Studios Halts Production of Matter

By Chewie,
During last year's E3 Microsoft press conference, we brought you a selection of trailers for three brand new titles that were due to come to XBLA in the near future. The first title,, has seen a steady stream of updates following the initial reeval and is due later this year. We've only had one update on Twisted Pixel's LocoCycle Achievements, and that was back in August, but we're still hopeful to see that particular title in 2013. As for the final game, Matter, which was a mysterious looking Kinect-enabled title from the mind of film director Gore Verbinski and developers Blind Wink Games, no more was heard about the title after the initial teaser trailer last June.

Joystiq have now exclusively revealed that Matter has suffered a significant blow after being dropped by Microsoft Studios. According to a company representative:

Microsoft Studios is no longer pursuing this title. We have no further details to share at this time.
Described as an experiment in linking motion to player emotion, not much else was known about the game, apart from its Kinect support and the floating metallic ball of the teaser trailer, but now it seems like these little scraps of detail won't even Matter any more.
Written by Chewie
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