Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake DLC Dated & Priced

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
At the beginning of February, Square Enix announced the details of three more DLC packs for Sleeping Dogs. The first of that trio of extra content, titled "The Law Enforcer Pack", arrived on the Marketplace in mid-February. Soon afterwards, "The Wheels of Fury Pack" then followed at the end of the same month.

Today, the game's publisher has revealed the all-important information about when the "Year of the Snake" DLC will arrive and how many Microsoft Points we'll have to part with to enjoy it. The newest content can be downloaded from March 12th, at a cost of 560MSP.

Sleeping Dogs has certainly been handsomely lavished with DLC content since the main game was released in August last year. Square Enix has currently stopped short of confirming whether or not the "Year of the Snake" DLC will be the title's final added extra. Rest assured that we'll keep you informed if Wei Shen is required to undertake any further law enforcement assignments in Hong Kong!
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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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