TA Gaming Stats - March 4th to March 10th 2013

By Chewie, 5 years ago
This report is for the period March 4th to March 10th 2013.

After the excitement of last week's Stats double dip, this week we go back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Thanks to the Games on Demand sale being spread across two Stats weeks, it still makes a bit of an impact on the Retail charts this week, but not anywhere near as much as a certain female adventurer does. My Ewok helpers, the Statisticles, got all hot and bothered at the prospect of the new, dirtier Lara. I had to remind them that it wasn't quite the 'dirty' that they meant. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about really. I personally like my Lara more pixelated, less anatomically correct, and more...triangular...

Games Started
30,995 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 47,202 games between them (1,757 different games).

With over 8,500 starters, Tomb Raider easily claims the top spot in its official release week on Retail Games Started, with over 3,000 more starters than the rest of the table combined. This is easily the biggest opening week of a title so far this year. The closest game to it has been Dead Space 3 with a 5,500 starter début week. It also currently only has just over 1,000 more players than Tomb Raider, despite being released 4 weeks prior. Strongly positive reviews and word of mouth have helped bolster the numbers, despite calls of 'Uncharted clone!' (is that even a bad thing?), but most of the starters probably come by virtue of the popularity and history of the franchise and its star asset(s).

The other new release of the week, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, does manage to reach the number two position with 1,200 starters. Again, the success of the title is probably mostly down to popularity of the franchise, although reviews for the game have also been mostly quite positive.

The other eight games in the table are almost interchangeable, with only around 200 starters separating them. Four of them are the recent releases of the last few weeks - Crysis 3 in fourth, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in eighth and Dead Space 3 in ninth - as well as the continuously popular Far Cry 3 in sixth.

The other four games appear thanks to the continuing Daily Deals in the Ultimate Games Sale for Games on Demand titles. Max Payne 3 is the most popular of these titles in third with almost 650 starters after receiving some hefty discounts in some regions. Elsewhere, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution picks up nearly 500 starters in seventh, and two games from the beat-em-up deal day, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, pop up in fifth and tenth places.

Top Retail Games Started

Looking at the top of Arcade Games Started, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Statisticles had accidentally mixed up the tables and were presenting the numbers from the end of November last year. That was when the three SEGA Vintage beat-em-up titles, Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, were released and pulled in numbers of between 800 and 1,500 each. After sticking around the middle table like a bad smell for many weeks after that thanks to ridiculously easy completions, last month finally saw the games slip from the charts. This week, however, they leap back into the top spots after being featured on the Deal of the Week. In fact, whilst Sonic the Fighters pulls in about 100 less starters than it did in its début week, the other two games actually exceed their first week numbers by around 200 starters.

Other popular titles from the Deal of the Week also make an appearance, with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown in fourth place and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD in ninth.

On the new release front, last week's new title Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, loses over 300 starters to 150, slipping from first to eighth place in the process. One of this week's new releases, WRC Powerslide, only just manages to slide into the bottom of the table with 130 starters, whereas as the other new release, Dollar Dash, doesn't appear at all.

Top Arcade Games Started

Last week's top title on Windows Phone Games Started, the WP8 racer Asphalt 7: Heat (WP), drops to second place and sheds nearly 150 starters in the process. It's replaced by a new WP8 title that claims a heck of a lot; Real Soccer 2013 (EU) (WP). Can anyone that playing this game is actually playing real football? I would have thought that if I played real, actual football with my phone, it wouldn't be a working phone for very much longer. Just like how when I play 'HackEwok' with one of my Statisticles, they don't usually end up being much use as a Statisticle afterwards.

The middle of the table is made up of the usual free Windows Phone titles, but at the bottom we see the American version of the aforementioned title, Real Soccer 2013 (WP), in eighth. Both of these titles are free and changing your region on your Windows Phone is actually quite easy, so we may see at least one of these games hanging around the tables for a while.

In tenth is the other new release of the week, The Amazing Spider-Man (WP), which doesn't exactly pull in high numbers, despite the recognition of its brand. This may have something to do with the fact that it comes at a relatively high price tag, but also is probably not helped by the fact that it's a tie-in game for a movie that came out 8 months ago...

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
8,035 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 12,727 games between them (1,235 different games).

Guess what? New DLC for Mass Effect 3 came out. "Citadel" clearly has a big impact on the title, with a selection of pretty easy achievements, and pushes it up to the top spot of Retail Games Completed with 700 completions. Last week's number one completed title, Halo 4, drops by a massive almost 1,500 completions, settling into the number two spot with 250.

The rest of the table is very familiar from the previous weeks with the completions coming in from new and older games alike. Representing newer titles are Crysis 3 in fifth and Aliens: Colonial Marines in seventh. Oh...and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 which appears in its début week in eighth, with over 80 completions. It currently sits at a 14% of players having finished it, so it's not exactly super easy. It's probably just that there are some really keen Naruto fans out there who ploughed through it quickly.

Top Retail Games Completed

With those super easy completions (between 75% and 95%), Arcade Games Completed also seems like a flashback to November, as the three SEGA Vintage titles take the top spots, with between 870 and 1,250 completions. The other two most popular starters from the sale, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD, also prove easy enough to complete in fifth and eighth. At least all these easy games have finally knocked The Walking Dead (Xbox 360) from its top spot as it settles into fourth with 300 completions. Although, that's hardly any less than previous weeks, so it's not like it's going to drop very far or for very long.

Top Arcade Games Completed

For the third week running, Windows Phone Games Completed is very similar, with none of the new releases making an impact and with the numbers so close that the titles are pretty interchangeable (only 20 completions separate the top and bottom titles). The lack of deals for quite a while now will also be contributing to the staleness of these tables. I recently purchased a second hand Windows Phone myself, so I'm hoping the deals make a return at some point. Otherwise I'll be contributing to these stale numbers with all the cheapest, free-est and easiest titles.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
66,509 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 880,416 achievements online between them (48,125 different achievements).

Lara raids Retail Achievements Won thoroughly, discovering all the hidden relics and treasures and taking a clean sweep on the table for Tomb Raider. Interestingly, the game features a dearth of 'Story Progression' achievements, with most of them being related to collectibles, optional tombs and stackables, as most of the achievements on this table show.

Top Retail Achievements Won

It's November all over again on Arcade Achievements Won with both the most popular and the easiest of the SEGA Vintage titles, Sonice the Fighters making a clean sweep. I'm really hoping these titles don't dominate next week too. That would just be boooooring.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Windows Phone Achievements Won at least gives us a bit more variety, with the ten spaces being split across four titles. The ever popular word games, AlphaJax (WP) and Wordament (WP) take half the places at the bottom of the table, whereas achievements for Asphalt 7: Heat continue to be popular, taking second, third, fourth and sixth places. Real Football 2013 manages to claim the top spot, however, but the significant drop off between players who have picked up that first achievement (98%) and those who have managed to get any others (49% for the next most achieved) means it misses out on any other places.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

The last few weeks had seen the gap between Action-Adventure and Shooter getting smaller and smaller, with the latter finally taking the top spot last week. Well, Action-Adventure wasn't about to take that lying down and leaps ahead of Shooter by a huge margin this week to regain pole position, thanks to both Tomb Raider and Naruto. It grows by 4 million to take it over the 10 million mark. Shooter actually loses number this week, not helping its cause at all, dropping by nearly 2 million to just under 5 million.

Elsewhere, Civilization Revolution helps put Strategy on the table in eighth.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure10,080,207
  • Shooter4,950,646
  • Action4,049,032
  • Role-Playing2,485,555
  • Racing1,241,411
  • Sports1,086,245
  • Platformer448,323
  • Strategy405,643
  • Adventure348,813
  • Puzzle324,789

That's all for now folks. As mentioned last week, we're working on bringing some more things to the articles. Well, at least one. These may take a while to implement though, as we wait for some of the dust to settle around the recent DLC recalculations, as well as some other things the big bossman is working on. I've actually loaned him some Statisticles to help out. I just hope they come back unharmed. Well, less harmed than if they were with me.
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