Karaoke Gets Its Vocal Chords Retuned

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Karaoke has received an update to try and improve its on-stage performance, with hope being that it can start hitting the high notes. iNis, the game's developer, has highlighted a number of the key changes that come with the update. By far the biggest adjustment is the option to now get a 30-day Karaoke Pass for 1600 MSP, rather than just 24 hours worth of play for the same price. Furthermore, upgrades have also been applied to the SmartGlass, Moola, and Stage Editor functionality within the game.

That's not all. The quote below provides a full breakdown of the changes.

• 30-day (720 hour) pass at 1600 Microsoft Points replaces the 24-hour pass
• You can now use Moola to purchase, sell, upgrade, and manage your Gear
• The Stage Editor is now open. Manually customize your stage to steal the spotlight and accumulate more fans
• SmartGlass enhancements include: Improved scrolling performance, an updated and easy to read interface and menus, the addition of Xbox 360 controller mapping, and you can now view your queue, your history, and your favorites!
• More descriptive in-app messaging about how the clock works, it now displayed before and after pass purchase
• Search enhancements include controller chat pad support and interface improvement – highlighting the search bar at the top as well as the addition of a search button at the bottom right
• Microphone level display is now highlighted in red and green
• Stage Manager overhaul, with slicker boxes for awarded items, and more descriptive text
• We’ve added the timer at the bottom right and have distinguished it from “Moola”.
• Kinect tuner now available in application
Karaoke was released late in 2012, but you won't find it in the XBLA Marketplace on your console. Instead, you'll need to browse for the title amongst the plethora of apps that are currently available. Alternatively, you could just simply download it from here instead.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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