DLC TA Ratio Change will take place tomorrow

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
Hi all

The change to the way the TA ratio is calculated for DLC achievements will take place tomorrow (Friday 15th March).

I have sent a PM to anyone that has a TrueAchievement or a TA Ratio goal currently running to ask if they want to have these goals automatically adjusted before the change takes place.

For example, if your DLC achievements gain an extra 1000 TA during the recalculation and you have a goal set up for 200,000 TA, opting into the adjustment will change this goal to be for 201,000 TA.

So if you would like this to happen, please find the PM sent a couple of days ago entitled DLC Ratio change - Auto Adjustment of Goals click the link and accept the invite.

Thanks all!

(if you have no idea what this is all about, please read this news story: Alternative DLC Ratio Formula Poll)
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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